iSEC - Interactive Smartboard / Whiteboard
iSEC - Interactive Smartboard / Whiteboard

iSEC Interactive Dual Operating System Smart Board a new innovation of Interactive “ Touch “ product designed for business, education, medical, hospitality and leisure application. iSEC able create a collaborators and Interactive atmosphere. In your classroom, meeting room, conference room and training room even video communication / web-conferencing / webinar with iSEC, you feel a new lifestyle and Interesting on Interactive communication.

e-Learning, e-Conferencing, e-Business etc delivery “needs” of Information and living activities through the digital resources. iSEC, the  Innovative and Interactive smartboard / whiteboard with dual operating system is the right choice for all “e” practices. With iSEC, learning, discussion, business activities will become more easy and effective.
Why choose iSEC?
👉 Portable                  👉 Participable
👉 Demonstrable         👉 Shareable
👉 Compatible             👉 Upgradable
👉 Functionable           👉 Excitable
👉 Manageable            👉 Interactive                            
Use Domains
Use Domains
iSEC-Interactive Smartboard (Conferences.Education.Training Institute)
iSEC-Interactive Smartboard (Let's iSEC)
iSEC-Interactive Smartboard (Preschool Education 1.0)